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Rose Essential Oil/2ml

Rose Essential Oil/2ml

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  What is Rose Essential Oil Rose Essential Oil is the aromatic oil component of plants in the Rosa family (commonly referred to as 'Roses') and is usually from the Damask Rose ( Rosa damascena ), which is seen as having the most highly prized rose aroma. Rose is one of the more popular oils used in Aromatherapy for the purpose of relaxation.  There is nothing quite like the essence of pure Damask Rose oil. Known for its enchanting, alluring, indulging and nurturing qualities Rose oil is regarded as the ‘Queen of essential oils’. An excellent oil for all skin types, in particular dry skin, it is also fantastic for assisting detoxing of any kind.  Rose oil is also the best essence for all emotional conditions and hormonal issues. It is the number one oil for TLC, love and romance and makes the most exquisite and superior perfume. It takes a tonne of rose petals to fill a 10ml bottle, and it is not just any Rose, this particular Damask Rose is grown in Turkey and harvested with great care and community effort and whilst it may carry a high price tag only one drop is needed to make a huge difference. On another level when it comes to the vibrational energy of all things… a healthy human being owning a bottle of Damask Rose oil is the ultimate.  Rose Essential Oil Technical Data Sheet:   Common Name : Rose of Damascus  Latin name : Rosa damascena Appearance: slightly viscous liquid Color : Reddish orange colored Odor: Warm, sweet, intense rose, floral odour Botanical Family : Rosaceae Organ: Flowers  Processing Method: Steam distillation. Type: 100% pure.  Origin: Turkey Preferred uses : Dermal, respiratory tract    Chemical composition: The biochemical composition of the essential oil of Damascus rose is likely to evolve according to the conditions of its production. Main chemical compound :  Monoterpenol (Citronellol, Geraniol and Nérol) 60 to 80% Other chemical compounds :  Esters (geranyl acetate) 3 to 5% Phenols ethers oxides    Physical characteristics : A good Rose essential oil must have the following physical characteristics: Relative density : 0.865 - 0.885 @ 20°C Refractive Index 1.495 - 1.525 @ 20°C Specific Gravity (g/mL) 0.953 - 0.993 @ 20°C Solubility Soluble in alcohols and fixed oils; Insoluble in water Flash point (C°): > 81     Storage conditions : Store in tightly closed original container in a dry, cool and well-ventilated place. Keep away from heat, sparks and open flame. Protect from freezing and direct sunlight Prohibited equipment and procedures: No smoking, eating or drinking in areas where the mixture is used.  Properties of Rose Essential Oil: IN HEALTH Antiseptic  Regenerating, Revitalizing Firming skin  WELL-BEING Soothing in case of stress,  Overwork and nervousness  Balancing Sexual and Hormonal IN BEAUTY Regenerator  Revitalizing     Indications of the essential oil of rose: Cutaneous application (bath, cold compress, massage): Anxiety, female sexual asthenia, blotchiness, depression, intense emotion, palpitations, tired skin, mature skin, wrinkles, stress and blood pressure of nervous origin Respiratory (diffusion, inhalation, olfaction): Female sexual asthenia, anxiety, depression, intense emotion, palpitations    Benefits of using Rose Essential Oil: For Wounds: Topically applying rose oil to wounds helps to protect them from becoming septic and developing infections. Aggravated skin (burn, rosacea): Dilute in a vegetable oil of rosehip of Chile and apply locally.  Palpitations or blood pressure : dilute in a vegetable oil and massage the chest. Also effective in olfaction, diffusion or inhalation. For acne: Dilute it slightly with some coconut oil and try dabbing the mixture on blemishes. Make sure you use a sterile cotton swab. For depression : If you’re ever feeling anxious or down in the dumps, try putting five drops of rose and five drops of lavender in a diffuser by your nightstand before bed. Sexual asthenia (fatigue) : Inhalation, diffusion or olfaction and dermal application diluted in a vegetable oil Premenstrual syndrome or menopausal disorders : inhalation, diffusion, olfaction or dermal application diluted in vegetable oil.     Tips for using Damascus Rose essential oil for beauty : Dull and mature Skin, natural aging (wrinkles, dark circles, loss of radiance) : In local application, a few drops diluted in your cosmetic preparations. Dull and flat Hair : in local application in circular movement in the scalp, a few drops diluted in a vegetable oil of argan for example.    Synergies with the essential oil of rose: With myrrh, marjoram with shells, noble chamomile and petitgrain for recurring problems of anxiety and phobia. With the essential oil of Himalayan Nard for palpitations and anxiety. With Ho wood and Geranium for anti-wrinkle care. With clary sage, neroli, chaste tree against PMS.     Precautions and contraindications of Rose essential oil: The essential oil of Damask rose can be used pure in application, but it is advisable to make a first allergic test on the skin, preferably in the fold of the elbow. In view of its very expensive cost but also its power, it is better to use it diluted.  Attention: it is strongly recommended not to use the essential oil of Damask rose during the first 3 months of pregnancy and in children under 3 years. Some natural compounds can produce allergic reactions in sensitive people. First Aid Measures: Inhalation : Remove victim immediately from source of exposure. Get   medical attention if any discomfort continues.   Ingestion : Rinse mouth and drink abundant water to dilute substance.   Avoid vomiting, risk of aspiration!   Skin Contact   : Remove contaminated clothes. Wash affected areas with   copious amounts of water.   Eye   Contact  : Immediately flush with plenty of water for up to 15   minutes. Remove any contact lenses and open eyes wide apart. Get medical   attention immediately. Continue to rinse.

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