About Us

Our story

It was a coincidence, more than a destiny, when I discovered the amazing potential of aromatic and medicinal perfume plants, essential and vegetable oils, as well as the healthy and natural environment around which this activity revolves. 


It is in this organic and ethical world that the Company "PURENAISSANCE" takes its roots and draws its energy.  


We delegate our tasks passionately, but rationally, with the help of a team of professionals in the field of aromatic and medicinal perfume plants; my initial skepticism quickly gave way to wonder and passion! Because each of these essential oils has extraordinary benefits that are, sadly, underutilized by the general public.  


Our mission is to produce, distribute, and educate the market, and our goals are to promote oils, specifically prickly pear grain oil and lentisk oil, to the international market.


About the company

Welcome to PuRenaissance site, your number one source for Pure, Naturel Essential, Vegetal  Oils and all the beautiful related gifts from mother nature from all over the world. We travel the  world and are dedicated to find and providing you the very best of oils and other products, with  an emphasis on Purity, Affordability, Sustainability and Natural.  


We believe that the world is full of wonders and beautiful the way it is. The humanity since its  existence learned how to use natural resources around them to find sustenance but also as a  source for healing and beauty. That’s what are PuRenaissance is about!  


 Created in 2017, PuRenaissance LLC in North Africa where it started producing local natural  essential and vegetal oils like Argan, Prickly Pear, Eucalyptus and much more varieties, with the  highest quality production standard, from seeds to bottles. The wide varieties of products and  proximity opened Europe (France, Germany) door to PuRenaissance where it earned it “Bio”  certification in France and Germany, which is the equivalent of “USDA Organic” in the US.  PuRenaissance made the decision to look for more natural, local resources all over the world,  expand its products range but also its territory, to the US where so many resources are  available and not fully explored. In such a short time, PuRenaissance has come a long way from  its beginnings, our first US store opened in 2019 and more to come.  


We love to share with you our passion “Nature of the world” and bring to you flavors from all  over the world that not just bring joy but also, calm, serenity and healthier lifestyle. 


We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy offering them to you. Please don’t  hesitate to stop by our store or contact us.  




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