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Pure Labdanum Essential Oil Purenaissance Therapeutic Grade for, Best for Aromatherapy and Diffuser/10 ml

Pure Labdanum Essential Oil Purenaissance Therapeutic Grade for, Best for Aromatherapy and Diffuser/10 ml

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What is Cistus ladaniferus Essential Oil:

Cistus essential oil is steam distilled from the flowering tops and leaves of Cistus ladaniferus, unknown shrubs that grow in the edge of the Mediterranean basin.

Cistus essential oil has been used since ancient times to ease wounds and cuts.

At the present time, it is extensively used in aromatherapy to ease wounds, regulate acne-prone and oily skin, reduce respiratory problems, and hemorrhoids.

Cistus oil is not one of the most well-known essential oils; however, it is very powerful for aging skin and it is also known for its tonifying and tightening properties.

Cistus ladaniferus Essential Oil Technical Data Sheet:

Common Name: Ladaniferous rockrose, rockrose, lizardworm

Latin Name: Cistus ladaniferus

Appearance: Mobile liquid

Color: Pale to Golden Yellow

Odor: sweet, warm, herbaceous scent

Organ: Leaf, flower, stem and resin

Processing Method: Steam distillation.

Type: 100% pure.

Origin: Mediterranean Surroundings

Preferred uses: Dermal, respiratory tract, internal

Chemical composition:

Main chemical compound:

monoterpenes 40 to 60%
Pinenes 35 to 55%
Ketones 2 to 10%

Other chemical compounds:

Monoterpenols (Borneol) 2 to 5%
Sesquiterpenes (Compound) 2 to 3%
Sesquiterpenols (Compound) 2 to 5%
Esters (Bornyl Acetate and Linalyl Acetate) 3 to 7%

Physical characteristics:

A good Cistus essential oil must have the following physical characteristics:

Density at 20 ° C: 0.890 to 0.935

Refractive index at 20 ° C: 1.475 to 1.495

Rotatory power at 20 ° C: -15 ° to + 30 °

Flash point: + 65 ° C

Storage condition

Avoid PVC containers.

Avoid temperature variation

Keep away from heat, light, in tightly closed containers in a dry place.

Avoid too important empty spaces.

Fit quantities according to container volume.

Properties of Cistus ladaniferus Essential Oil:

For Health:

Anti-infectious (antibacterial and antiviral)
Venous Stimulating


Regulator of the nervous system

For Beauty:

Skin toning

Indications of the essential oil Cistus ladaniferus:

Dermal application (bath, cold compress, massage): Acne, rosacea, cut, crack, hemorrhoids, cold sores, autoimmune disease, viral disease, tired skin, bleeding wound, heavy periods, wrinkles, bleeding nose.

Respiratory (Inhalation, diffusion) :Anxiety, psycho-emotional shock, insomnia, infantile diseases (measles, whooping cough, chickenpox, scarlet fever), nervousness, stress, sleep disorders.

Internal route (oral, rectal, vaginal): Autoimmune disease, childhood diseases (chicken pox, measles, scarlet fever, whooping cough)

Tips for using Cistus ladaniferus essential oil:

For Health

Skin benefits:

Acne: dilute in a vegetal oil and apply on the pimples.
Infantile disease: dilute in a vegetal oil and apply on the pimples caused by the disease.
Rosacea, crevice, eschar or crack: dilute in a cream or vegetal oil and apply.
Cut: apply directly one or two drops on the cut.
Herpes labialis: dilute 1 drop in vegetal oil and apply on the button.
Plague: apply directly to a small wound, otherwise dilute beforehand in a vegetal oil.
Nosebleed: Soak a cotton pad with a drop of essential oil and introduce it into the nostril.

Cardiovascular and Circulatory benefits:

Hemorrhoids: dilute in a vegetal oil and apply.

Uro-Genital benefits:

Abundant rules: massage the lower abdomen with cistus essential oil diluted in a vegetal oil.

Immune benefits:

Viral infection: massage the back with three drops of essential oil diluted in a vegetable oil.
Autoimmune disease: Orally or rectally on medical advice.

Tips for using the essential oil of cistus for psychological well-being:

Anxiety, psychic shock, cyclothymia, insomnia, nervousness, sleep disorders: perform a massage of the solar plexus after dilution in a vegetal oil.
Stress: 5 drops mixed with liquid soap, then incorporated into the bath.

Tips for using essential oil of cistus for beauty:

Tired Skin, wrinkles: apply on the face after diluting a few drops of essential oil in a cream or vegetal oil.

Synergies with the Cistus ladaniferus Essential oil:

With the essential oil of niaouli, for an antiviral action.

Precautions and contraindications of Cistus ladaniferus essential oil:

The essential oil of cistus is contraindicated in the first 3 months of pregnancy as well as during breastfeeding. Any oral or internal use in young children should be the subject of a professional opinion, even if a small wound can be treated with a few drops on the wound from the age of 1 year. This essential oil should not be used in high doses because of the presence of ketones that may be toxic to the nervous system. Finally, a risk of allergy is always possible. Before any cutaneous application, it is therefore necessary to make a test by applying 1 or 2 drops in the fold of the elbow.

First Aid Measures

Inhalation: Inhalation may cause coughing, tightness of the chest and irritation of the respiratory system. Try to move to fresh air at once. Get medical attention if needed.

Ingestion: If necessary, rinse mouth and provide fresh air. Get medical attention if needed.

Skin contact: If necessary remove contaminated clothing and wash skin with soap and water. Get medical attention if any discomfort continues.

Eye contact: Immediately rinse with plenty of water for up to 15 minutes. Remove any contact lenses and open eyes wide apart. Get medical attention if needed
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