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HERBONAISSANCE CHOCOLATE CARAMEL 15 Organic Herbal Tea Bags The Herbonaissance tea bag is a mixture of carefully selected, sorted and dried plants and fruits, It is packaged in natural sachets made from corn starch without glue or staples. All of our blends are made from organic ingredients. The know-how of CAILLEAU HERBORISTERIE (France) which exceeds 150 years of history is implemented to offer you particular tastes which give you a unique pleasure. Since 1868, Cailleau Herboristerie has been practicing its profession with passion in the heart of Anjou, in the town of Chemillé-en-Anjou, capital of medicinal plants. Today, we offer our customers a range of 12 products. We offer nature's best in tea bags. These small bags dosed for one cup will allow you to take the base of your favorite drink everywhere with you. At the office, on a trip, with friends, find all the benefits of plants in quality tea bags. Our well-being or aromatic plants come from the last harvests in order to offer you their best flavor. We receiving them directly from the producer in their raw state in order to shape them to meet the expectations of our most demanding customers. seasoned. They are thus worked, sieved, cleaned and cut directly in our workshops. We wish offer optimal quality and preserve the best flavors for your natural well-being. we know the plants well, their precise indications. We therefore provide you with cleverly dosed mixtures of plants. If each plant is unique, each part of the plant has its own virtues. Herbalism is a science that dates back to the dawn of time and has proven itself throughout the millennia to come to us. Whether synonymous with relaxation, conviviality or well-being, teas and herbal teas appeal to the emotions Deep. At HERBONAISSANCE, we cultivate a powerful emotional connection with the world of plants. We know them well and are particularly demanding with regard to their cultivation and storage conditions. Their assembly is complex science that we master. Our products for sale are all either from organic farming or guaranteed 100% pure without preservatives, dyes or flavor enhancer.

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