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Phoenica Juniper Essential Oil/10 ml

Phoenica Juniper Essential Oil/10 ml

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What is Juniper Berry Essential Oil : Juniper berry essential oil typically comes from the fresh or dried berries and needles of the Juniperus communis plant species . Known as a powerful detoxifier and immune system booster, juniper berry plant has a long history of naturally helping prevent both short- and long-term illnesses . Juniper (Juniperus communis) is a coniferous evergreen shrub that belongs to the pine family (Cupressaceae) and is commonly found on heaths and mountains in North America, Europe and Southwest Asia. In the United States, junipers grow abundantly in the mountainous regions of the Appalachians, as well as in western states such as Arizona, California, New Mexico and Utah. Both the branches and the berries of the leaves have been used since ancient times for medicinal and spiritual purposes. The evergreen tree is also popular as a residential ornament plant, often used in wildlife plantings and shelterbelts. The aromatic wood is also used for making furniture, fence posts and pencils. Juniper essential oil is traditionally steam-distilled from the needles, twigs, wood and berries. However, juniper berry oil, which is extracted solely from the berries, is superior in quality. It's a pale oil with a watery viscosity and a fresh, clear and slightly woody and fruity fragrance. Juniper Berry Essential Oil Technical Data: Common Name : Common Juniper erect Latin name : Juniperus communis Appearance: Mobile liquid at room temperature Color : Colorless to Pale Yellow Odor: sweet and balsamic scent characteristic of juniper. Botanical Family : Cupressaceae Organ: berries Processing Method: Steam distillation Type: 100% pure. Origin: Algerie Preferred uses : Dermal, Internal, respiratory tract Chemical composition: Main chemical compound : Monoterpenes (75 to 90%) (Pinene, Sabinene, Terpinene). Other chemical compounds : Sesquiterpenes (10 to 15%) (myrcene), Monoterpenols (3 to 10%), Esters (2 to 5%), traces: Oxides, Aldehydes, Ketones Physical characteristics : A good Juniper essential oil must have the following physical characteristics: Density at 20 ° C : 0.850 to 0.872 Refractive index at 20 ° C : 1.471 to 1.483 Rotatory power at 20 ° C : -15 ° to + 0 ° Flash point : + 41 ° C Storage conditions : Flammable materials should be stored in a separate safety storage cabinet or room.  Keep away from heat. Keep away from sources of ignition.  Keep container tightly closed. Keep in a cool, well-ventilated place. Ground all equipment containing material. Keep container dry. Keep in a cool place. Properties of Juniper Berry Essential Oil: The properties of the essential oil of juniper are explained by the presence of active compounds originally present in the berries of Juniperus communis. For health Diuretic, water regulator: The richness of alpha-pinene and terpinen-4-ol oil facilitates the drainage of the urinary and biliary tract, as well as the excretion of water. Antirheumatic: The essential oil of juniper contains a large amount of monoterpenes which helps fight against rheumatic pain and neuralgia such as sciatica. Other properties : Kidney cleanser analgesic Brain tonic Anti-fatigue For the well-being A tonic and general stimulant: Thanks to its wealth of monoterpenes, the essential oil of juniper is a tonic and general stimulant of the body. This property is explained by the stimulation of the adrenal cortex. Indications of juniper essential oil: Juniper oil has many indications thanks to the many properties described above. For health Muscle and joint pain: The analgesic properties of the oil make it suitable for people with pain of various origins: body aches, arthritis, osteoarthritis and rheumatism. Renal and urinary disorders: The essential oil of juniper is a renal cleanser and can therefore be indicated to treat kidney stones and urinary tract infections. Digestive problems: The depurative properties of the oil make it also useful in case of intoxication and digestive disorders. Immune deficits: It also has anti-fatigue properties that make it useful in case of fatigue or viral or bacterial infection (chickenpox, scarlet fever, measles, whooping cough, etc.).  Some skin problems: Since juniper oil is draining, it can be used to treat various skin disorders: acne, various dermatoses and dermatitis (skin inflammation), skin infections (furuncle, impetigo, mycosis, shingles, paronychia), skin fat, dull skin and tired, bruised feet, etc. For the well-being Insomnia, anxieties: In diffusion, thanks to a diffuser of essential oil, the oil can help to find the sleep and the appeasement thanks to its relaxing and sedative properties. Other indications : Anxiety  Psychic shock (mourning ...) Latent depression: in olfaction Physical and psychic fatigue Changing moods  Nervousness and inner agitation Stress Tips for using Juniper Essential Oil: The essential oil of juniper can be used in very different ways for a wide spectrum of diseases and symptoms. Nevertheless, in case of doubt, it is recommended to contact a professional to collect personalized and secure information, adapted to your medical situation, your profile and your age. Cutaneous application, massage For all skin problems: dilute 1 drop of essential oil with at least 4 drops of a vegetable oil, then apply and massage the affected area. For pain: dilute with vegetable oil and massage the affected area. Arthritis, osteoarthritis: dilute with vegetable oil and massage the affected part. Rheumatism: dilute with vegetable oil and massage the affected part. To stimulate the immune system: dilute with vegetable oil and massage the back and soles of the feet. For fatigue: dilute with vegetable oil and massage along the spine. In case of infections: dilute with vegetable oil and massage the back and soles of the feet. For kidney problems: dilute with vegetable oil and massage the back (in the kidneys). Feet (tired, bruised, etc.): in footbath. Dull, mature, oily skin: dilute with vegetable oil or cream Cellulite: dilute in a vegetable oil to massage the area to be treated Oral way The oral route must be done exclusively on the advice of a therapist: Juniper essential oil has a nephrotoxicity in case of overdose and prolonged use. Digestive disorders: internally by consulting a therapist beforehand. Intoxication: internally by consulting a therapist beforehand. Inhalation The essential oil of juniper can be used in olfaction with caution and bath (5 drops mixed with soap).  Anxiety: in bath (5 drops mixed with soap). Stress, Physical and psychic fatigue: bath (5 drops mixed with soap) Diffusion To fight against infections and promote well-being (anxiety, depression, fatigue ...), choose one of the following methods of dissemination: Diffusion by nebulization: These diffusers, which propel the essential oil by a pump, are the most effective, but their price is generally high and they can be more or less noisy. Ultrasonic diffusion (misting): Less powerful, these diffusers remain effective to benefit from the effects of the essential oil in closed rooms. Diffusion by gentle heat: Pour a few drops of essential oil into the small receptacle of these diffusers. Under the effect of heat, volatile aromatic particles will mingle with the atmosphere. To use ideally in a small closed room. Synergies with juniper essential oil: With the essential oils of wintergreen, lemon and eucalyptus against joint pains. Precautions for juniper essential oil: The essential oil of juniper is to be avoided in pregnant and lactating women as well as in children under 3 years. Juniper must be diluted in a vegetable oil, and in a large proportion, to avoid skin irritation. Internal use should be done exclusively on the advice of a therapist. People with kidney disease should only use it on the advice of a therapist First Aid Measures Inhalation : Inhalation may cause coughing, tightness of the chest and irritation of the respiratory system. Move the exposed person to fresh air at once. Get medical attention if any discomfort continues.  Ingestion : If necessary, rinse mouth and provide fresh air.  Get medical attention if any discomfort continues.  Skin contact : If necessary remove contaminated clothing and wash skin with soap and water. Get medical attention if any discomfort continues. Eye contact :  Immediately flush with plenty of water for up to 15 minutes.   Remove any contact lenses and open eyes wide apart. Get medical attention if any discomfort continues.

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