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Sweet Almond Vegetal Oil/10 ml

Sweet Almond Vegetal Oil/10 ml

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What is Sweet Almond Vegetal Oil: The Almond tree ( Prunus dulcis ) is native to Central Asia and it belongs to the Rosaceae family. It is cultivated in Mediterranean countries and in California. Almond oil is suitable even to the most sensitive skin types, due to its close rapport with the skin's sebum.  The presence of fatty acids in sweet almond oil, makes it one of the most nourishing and emollient oils. It is widely used in many cosmetic products like: massage oils for babies, children's and elderly skin types, creams and moisturizing milks for sensitive and dry skins. It is also useful for stretch mark prevention during pregnancy. Furthermore, it is helpful for treating very dry, frizzy hair and hair damaged by sun and brine. Sweet almond oil is safe to use in concentration, it can be used as a massage oil, on its own or blended with other oils. Sweet Almond Vegetal Oil Technical data Sheet: Common name: Sweet Almond Latin name: Prunus Amygdalus Appearance: clear liquid  Color : pale yellow  Odor: light, characteristic Botanical Family :  Rosaceae Organ: seed (Almond)  Processing Method: cold pressing Type: 100% pure. Origin: Spain Preferred uses : External use, internal route Chemical composition: Sweet Almond vegetal oil is very rich in unsaturated fatty acids, represented mainly by oleic acid (62-86%), linoleic acid (20-30%) and in smaller quantities, palmitic acid (4-9%) and saturated fatty acids (stearic, lauric and myristic). Furthermore, it contains high levels of Vitamin E and Vitamin A. Other constituents : phosphorus, potassium, calcium, trace elements (magnesium, manganese, copper), squalene, carotenoids. Storage and handling : Keep well sealed and in its original container; store in a cool (15/25˚C) dry place, well away from heat and light sources. Limit contact with oxygen. Properties of Sweet Almond vegetal oil: Cosmetically (in cutaneous use) Emollient Antioxidant Nourishing Regenerating, skin repairing Softening, cutaneous soothing  Healing Restructuring Skin protector Other benefits Pretty Penetrating Calming, anti-stress, soothing  Skin indications (skin, hair, nails) : Superficial burn Colored or curly hair Dry, brittle, split hair Light scars (including those related to acne) Comedones (blackheads) Crevasse Dry or irritated scalp Dartre (in prevention) Itch Make-up removal (and baby's toilet) Dermatoses Drying (hands, body, hair, nails) Erythema and milk crusts of babies Solar erythema Gerçure (hands, breasts, etc.) Irritation (especially irritated mucous membranes of babies) Pregnancy mask (in prevention) Massage Brittle nails, cuticles Irritated, sensitive, fragile skin Psoriasis (in addition to a suitable treatment) Wrinkles Redness (including redness of babies) Stress Pregnancy stretch marks Practical tips: Sweet almond oil blends perfectly with essential oils, including: Lavender, Lavandin , niaouli ,lemongrass etc. Cleansing lotion for the face: Mix evenly in a spray bottle with sweet almond oil and jasmine hydrosol. Mix before each use, apply directly to the face and wipe with a cotton towel. Storage method: to keep in the refrigerator Shelf life: 3 weeks Preparation for the prevention of erythema: In a bottle of 50 ml: Sweet almond oil Add 6 drops of real Lavender essential oil (fine) * Mix and apply on the buttocks of baby (in prevention of diaper rash) or on any part of the body subject to solar erythema (localized care). * To recommend for a baby over 6 months. Skin disorders : Whether you have dry, irritated or simply fragile skin, pure applied sweet almond oil will fortify and soften it. Do not hesitate to use it if you have cracks, cracking or sunburn. In all seasons, this oil protects the skin by strengthening its hydrolipidic film. With cane sugar (equal parts), you can use it to make a scrub. Finally, a few drops of sweet almond oil in the bath will restore softness to dry skin. To soften the skin : Mix 25 ml of sweet almond oil with the same amount of orange blossom water and 10 drops of cosgard. Benefits of sweet almond oil for hair: For Dry hair: Although it is suitable for all types of hair, for which it is a true care sweetness, sweet almond oil is particularly recommended for dry hair, split, brittle, curly and afros. It nourishes them deeply thanks to balms and hair masks, or applied directly on the tips. Emollient, sweet almond oil helps to regulate the production of sebum and eliminate impurities, allowing on the one hand to fight against dandruff, on the other hand to calm the itching of the scalp. Hair Mask: To beautify and strengthen the hair: Mix 4 tablespoons of sweet almond oil with 1 tablespoon of honey powder, an egg yolk and a little lemon juice. Then add cider vinegar to obtain a homogeneous paste to apply on the hair and leave for 15 minutes before rinsing and / or doing a mild shampoo. For Nails: For delicate or brittle nails, dip them in sweet almond oil for five to ten minutes. This tip is also a good preparation for the manicure. Nutritional aspect of sweet almond oil: Main benefits Laxative Digestive anti-inflammatory Calming ulcers Wormer Anti-infectious (in prevention) Anti-cholesterolemiante Other benefits Anti-anemic Calculations and urinary inflammations (in prevention) Mucolytic Promotes fertility and fight against impotence Balancing nervous system Nutritional indications: Bronchitis (in case of bronchial congestion) Urinary computation (in prevention or in accompaniment of a medical follow-up) Cholesterol (in prevention) Constipation Incapacity Urinary inflammation (in prevention) Parasitosis and intestinal infections (in prevention) Sterility (prevention of fertility disorders) Digestive disorders (mainly inflammatory) Ulcers (as part of an adapted medical treatment) Intestinal worms (as part of an adapted medical treatment) Health Tips: In order to take advantage from the benefits mentioned above, it is helpful to absorb one teaspoon per day. Sweet almond oil does not have omega 3. It is therefore important to associate its consumption with an oil that has it. Moreover, it is quite rare to consume this oil internally. Synergies of Sweet Almond Essential Oil: For brittle hair : Essential oil of lemon. For brighter hair : Ylang-Ylang essential oil. For brittle nails : Lemon essential oil. In case of sunburn : Essential oil of lavender aspic. Precautions for sweet almond oil: Sweet almond oil should not be heated. Used externally, it can be a bit greasy and leave some stains on clothes. As a precaution, people allergic to nuts should avoid their use even externally. As a result, some sources recommend that pregnant women do  not use it for prolonged periods. General Advice: Remove contaminated soaked clothing immediately. Inhalation : Not expected with this type of product.  Ingestion: No measure, being a non-toxic product.  Skin Contact: No measure, being a non-toxic product. Wash off with soap and water. Eye Contact: Wash and rinse with plenty of water with running tap. Sweet almond oil can be used pure or mixed with other vegetable oils. It is ideal for use in diluting essential oils for body, face and hair care. This oil Sweet almond vegetable oil can be used pure on the face, body and hair. On the face, before your Cattier day or night care, use the sweet almond vegetable oil as a serum to moisturise, nourish and soothe all skin types and especially sensitive skins. On the body, to nourish the skin, apply the oil insisting on dry areas such as elbows and knees. For radiant and nourished hair, apply sweet almond vegetable oil before or after the shampoo to repair and protect the hair.

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